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4 Ways Cloud Automation Benefits Your Business

The buzzword of today, automation, is actually one that has existed in the collective mind of the industry for a lot longer than just the digital age. The cotton gin, the assembly line, robotics – we are always looking for that next step that will improve productivity and increase efficiency. Below is a list of four ways cloud automation can benefit your business. 

1. Quick and easy virtual machine deployment

Spinning a virtual machine for your applications and servers is a cost-effective and efficient way to give your employees the resources they need. Cloud automation simplifies the creation of a virtual machine with single-click technology to simplify virtual machine deployments. Making this first foray into cloud computing smooth and simple is key for your customers’ and employees experience with cloud applications. 

2. Central location for metrics

Cloud automation provides a web-based tool, which is a central location to get metrics on your cloud as a whole. It allows you to check on user statistics, and even drill down into the console and payment portals from a single, simple interface. As cloud automation continues to mature, it promises to provide a full range of configuration, setup and change management options in addition to its current capabilities: a single sign-on platform for cloud-level management. 

3. Abstraction from infrastructure

Behind the scenes, cloud automation software tools ensure that things behind the scenes are seamlessly integrated and distributed as they are on the front end. These tools, as well as multiple pieces of proprietary software, keep the user abstracted from what’s happening on the back end, leaving them able to focus their attention on their customers and not on their IT infrastructure.

4. Make a process or product more profitable

If a company is not driving its way to reducing its bottom line, it’s missing out on opportunities to enhance their business process. Cloud automation seeks to reduce business processes to a minimal amount of steps. It is important to incorporate cloud automation because this will reduce the amount of time it takes your IT staff to install new applications and servers while enhancing the user experience of end users.

Automation will continue to be an important part of what drives software and hardware teams as we move forward. Simplicity and innovation are what drive us, and what will lead to ever more impressive and useful tools for any business to harness.

photo credit: ENGRANAJES,-GEARS