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Appcore Develops Monitoring Plugin for CloudStack Platform

Understanding the performance data of your cloud is vital for any environment. This data can help you analyze the root cause of an issue and can even help you know when its the right time to expand your cloud infrastructure. However, sometimes this information is hard to find through the platform orchestration interface. 

Both Apache CloudStack and OpenStack do not provide this data natively and currently third-party solutions are limited and do not fully integrate into the cloud environment. Since this was a feature that many of our service provider customers were requesting, Appcore analyzed the CloudStack roadmap and determined it wasn’t a feature that was going to be added this year.

In order to resolve this problem, Appcore created the Appcore Monitoring Plugin. This was designed specifically for CloudStack or Citrix CloudPlatform to address the issue of integrating cloud monitoring. Appcore has leveraged the power of Zenoss monitoring to import the necessary data about your environment to the CloudStack platform, ultimately providing this data through the user interface and an API, giving your administrators the access they require. The monitoring plugin has two primary features including events and devices.

Events: Gives you a combined list of actions from CloudStack and Zenoss, where you will be able to see major issues that have happened in your environment around the same time as the incident in CloudStack.
Devices: Allows you to see events and performance for each device being monitored, which can be either physical or virtual. Basically, anything that allows for SNMP can be monitored by the Appcore Monitoring Plugin. Performance graphs are shown for the last 24 hours covering the load average, CPU usage, memory utilization and I/O traffic for devices.

These feature enhancements for CloudStack allow you to get a better understanding of what is happening in your cloud environment. Appcore will continue to develop additional features and core improvements to enhance monitoring in CloudStack for our customers. The Appcore Monitoring Plugin is a powerful new tool for service providers and is another step towards simplifying the management of cloud computing. It greatly expands your visibility into your cloud environment and Appcore is excited to bring this tool to our service provider customers.

The Appcore Monitoring Plugin will be available immediately to our service provider customers. In order to request this plugin, please enter a submit ticket through the FreshDesk interface. The Appcore support team will then work with you directly to schedule the installation into CloudStack.

 photo credit: irrezolut