whmcs integration

Appcore Enhances WHMCS Integration to Improve Functionality

Cloud computing is a powerful tool for any business, and providing cloud services is a primary goal for many service providers.  While choosing an orchestration platform is important, finding a usage and billing solution can be just as important.  After all, as a service provider, making a profit from cloud service is the reason for adding it to your product portfolio. 

 Appcore has been leveraging the capabilities of WHMCS billing platform as a part of our cloud software suite. As we continued to install the solution, we found that some of the features needed to be enhanced in order to offer services with the functionality necessary to charge for cloud services and to provide a simpler, more powerful product.

That being said, Appcore announces the release of the Appcore AMP Integration plugin for WHMCS. This plugin utilizes the extensive API already present in WHMCS to provide a new cloud billing solution. This will give our customers what they are looking for: a simple way to translate cloud resource usage into billable information.

The Appcore WHMCS plugin provides a number of capabilities to bill clients. The goal of the extended functionality is to simplify the day-to-day management of your cloud solution by automating associations and invoice generation. New features for administrators include:

  • Associate a billing client to a cloud account for both provisioning resources and receiving invoices of usage data.
  • Capability to setup an account as a white label reseller to bill for the associated usage of all sub accounts in the hierarchy.
  • Configure pricing for both compute and store service offerings as well as additional template licensing prices.

In addition to these enhanced tools, the new Appcore WHMCS plugin also provides a significant improvement in the area of error reporting and logging. It now offers clear and easy to understand alerts, which provide detail about issues encountered while using the plugin. This gives your cloud administrator the tools to easily locate and correct billing issues instantaneously. It also features expanded logging to include use of the WHMCS-provided administrator logs. These tools provide a window into the background of the plugin, giving your team the information they need to proactively address concerns.

Finally, and possibly the most impressive aspect of this new solution, is the increased efficiency.  For example, what was once a half-day process of generating invoices has been reduced to five minutes or less. By taking advantage of the extensive tools provided by the Appcore AMP software, the Appcore WHMCS plugin is able to collect account and domain usage from the cloud faster, summarize more efficiently and create detailed and useful invoices for your end users.

Overall, the new Appcore WHMCS solution is a significant step forward in simplifying the complexity of cloud management. It provides an easy to use system to configure and maintain cloud billing solutions. Years of experience translating cloud usage and billing information into consumable data, has helped us to create this product. We look forward to giving our service providers access to this new plugin and allowing them to take control of their billing software.

photo credit: Monopoly in the Park