Changing the Economics of your vCloud Powered Cloud with Appcore AMP

For service providers already leveraging VMware for their virtualized platforms, the vCloud Suite seems to be a logical choice for those looking to get into the cloud market. Appcore AMP takes aim at the value proposition offered by VMware and provides a complimentary cloud offering to those already using vCloud. 


As the foundation for our comparison, licensing costs play a significant role. First and foremost, the biggest licensing advantage for Appcore AMP is in the hypervisor. While vCloud limits support for only their ESXi hypervisor, Appcore is able to remove the licensing costs by supporting multiple alternatives like Xen and KVM. Furthermore, the VMware licensing model for service providers is a complicated system based on monthly points that must be manually reported to your aggregator based on VM usage and differs significantly from the enterprise license model. Appcore offers a simplistic model based on compute cores (CPU) that provides the service provider with a consistent monthly OPEX and easily scales.

Less Difficult to Deploy and Maintain

While the upfront licensing costs differ greatly, it is important to also consider the resources and time needed for deployment and maintenance. The vCloud Suite is rigid and complex, which leads VMware to require certifications and ongoing training just to support their product. Appcore AMP can be installed and deployed within 30 days and every platform is remotely monitored by our support professionals. Engaging with Appcore is a cloud partnership, not merely a technology license.

Flexibility of Appcore AMP

Appcore AMP offers a truly technology inclusive platform with support for multiple hypervisors, load balancing, firewalls, storage, networking and the all important billing. This gives Appcore a unique position, it is not bound to a proprietary ecosystem or limited to specific infrastructure.

Uniqueness in a crowded market

In order for your cloud solution to perceive value, it must differentiate itself from the rest. In the commoditized cloud market, you will find yourself in a race to the bottom by competing solely on price without differentiation in services and/ or functionality. With the rigidness of the vCloud Suite, every member of VSPP is competing on price. To stiffen the competition, VMware has thrown their own hat in the ring with vCloud Hybrid Service. Utilizing Appcore AMP, VMware customers can mix and match their virtualization technologies under the same cloud environment and optimize their costs, as well as the business value.


Recognizing that service providers may have existing investments in VMware technology, Appcore aims to compliment this investment. The economics of your cloud are not only influenced by licensing and support costs but by differentiation and value in a market racing to keep up with demand. Built exclusively for service providers, Appcore AMP was designed to change the economics of your cloud.


photo credit: Light Graph na USP – Edi†o 1