citrix cloudplatfrom 4.3

CloudPlatform 4.3 – Increasing Flexibility and Options for Service Providers

Today, Appcore’s partner, Citrix announced the availability of Citrix CloudPlatform™ 4.3, a single unified cloud orchestration solution powered by Apache CloudStack. The latest version of this cloud solution from Citrix includes functionality for service providers to manage their cloud environment.  

 Appcore AMP™ is a software solution that builds upon the orchestration layer that incorporates a simple user interface for administrators and integrates add-ons such as billing and support ticketing. Below I’ve pulled out some of the most relevant new additions, and some of the lesser publicized enhancements that will benefit service providers and their clouds.

Citrix CloudPlatform 4.3 New Features

Citrix CloudPlatform provides a flexible and open cloud orchestration for both service providers and enterprise customers. Based on the Apache CloudStack open source project, Citrix provides world class support and validation so that enterprises and service providers can have a solid foundation.

Building upon the already broad support for hypervisors, the latest release adds support for Hyper-V and VMware vSphere 5.5. This gives cloud operators the ability to run their cloud environment on the infrastructure platform of choice, ultimately enabling them to differentiate their service offerings in a meaningful way to customers.

Citrix CloudPlatform has also expanded support for more advance networking integrations by adding features including Palo Alto firewalls and Contrail virtual network controllers. These integrations continue to show Citrix’s commitment to providing further integrations to enable cloud operators to leverage existing investments and to enable a feature rich cloud experience for customers.

For customers utilizing Appcore AMP, they now have even more options to power their cloud infrastructure. The goal of Appcore’s cloud automation software is to simplify the management of multiple types of cloud environments. By enabling support for directly managed external resources, service providers are now able to leverage more advanced configurations than just the base software. Many service provider customers have preferences and existing experience with particular systems, and this will help them transition to the cloud.

 Citrix CloudPlatform 4.3 Enhancements

While the new features and integrations show Citrix’s commitment to scaling out CloudPlatform 4.2, there is also a commitment to enhance the existing feature set to ensure the fullest experience possible for service providers and enterprise administrators and customers.

Even something as simple as the process to roll out maintenance updates to system virtual machines has been improved. This improved functionality provides granular control over the upgrade process to ensure disruptions are minimized so they can be carried out as quickly as possible. This means increased efficiency for the service providers and an enhanced customer experience by carrying out upgrades quickly with minimal downtime, if any.

Virtual routers also get some attention regarding their normal day-to-day operations. Citrix enhanced the monitoring, alerting and automated restart of critical services. Anyone who is currently running CloudPlatform or CloudStack knows that virtual routers are the heart of networking in every cloud environment. Ensuring that they are running at a high level of effectiveness is imperative to cloud environments for optimal performance.

By leveraging these enhancements, Appcore AMP improves day-to-day operations for service providers and end users. Virtual routers are a common source of frustration in running a cloud, and are critical to having a successful one. While startups and other more risk tolerant companies can handle these sorts of issues, they become serious problems for enterprise and service providers who need to have a 100% reliable cloud offering for their customers. Beyond what I’ve discussed here, there are a further 160+ bug fixes as part of this release. CloudPlatform 4.3 builds upon the already great stability inherent in the product to differentiate it from the rest of the pack.

This latest release continues to solidify that CloudPlatform is the best choice for service providers and enterprise users creating both public and private clouds. Appcore has been installing and configuring CloudPlatform and Apache CloudStack since before Citrix purchased, and will continue to support, architect, and configure the platform in the future.

To learn more about the latest CloudPlatform 4.3 features, click here to visit Citrix’s blog. 

photo credit: congresinbeeld