CloudStack vs OpenStack - Which is Right for You

CloudStack vs OpenStack – Which is Right for You?

Today’s blog post is an excerpt from our latest eBook, CloudStack vs OpenStack – Apache CloudStack: It Just Works for Service Providers. This eBook is meant to educate and inform service providers about the difference between the two from a technology and business perspective. Appcore has evaluated the overall architecture and stability of each from the service provider’s viewpoint in order to clarify the platform battle. 

CloudStack vs OpenStack

Whose side are you on?  If you are looking to implement a cloud orchestration platform, be prepared to choose. Right now there seems to be a “war” going on between the two platform giants: CloudStack and OpenStack. Each equipped with unique features, comparing the two is imperative in making the right decision for your business. It’s a decision that should not be made lightly.

That being said, there are other viable orchestration providers in the cloud landscape, but it seems that most service providers tend to land in either the OpenStack or the CloudStack camp. This results in a debate between cloud administrators as to which is better: CloudStack vs OpenStack. Before making a commitment to one or the other, service providers must fully understand the benefits and the technology behind the scenes.

Platform History

Apache cloudstack project

CloudStack is an open source cloud computing software developed to create, manage and deploy cloud infrastructure. It was launched by and made generally available in May of 2010 as free software under the GNU General Public License.

In July 2011, Citrix purchased that resulted in Citrix donating CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), where it was accepted as part of the Apache Incubator.

Today CloudStack is a single top level ASF project built around a committee of developers and a VP/Chair. The project is led by Hugo Trippaers – Engineer at Schuberg Phillis, who is also active in the Open Daylight project. Even though the project has a smaller community of committers than OpenStack, it is a cohesive single project that is commercially backed by a primary contributor, Citrix.

Today over 50% of the Apache CloudStack code development is produced by a team of Citrix developers, many of whom came from the acquisition. Not only is Citrix involved in the development of new features and bug fixes for the CloudStack platform, but Citrix produces a commercial distribution of CloudStack called Citrix CloudPlatform. .

Originally, CloudPlatform was a customized distribution of the CloudStack code base, which contained a significant feature divergence. As of the release of CloudPlatform 4.2 in September of 2013, all Citrix customizations have been committed back to the Apache CloudStack project; further justifying that Citrix is committed to the open source project and is continually working on products and services utilizing the core platform.

The goal of the Apache CloudStack project is to continue to develop a stable cloud orchestration layer that is capable of supporting various workloads. The cohesive project continually supports infrastructure, hypervisors and varying platforms with a commitment to a solid upgrade path, quality assurance and regression.

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