The Importance of Scaling Your IT with Cloud Automation

A study performed in 2013 by GigaOM Research and 57 other industry collaborators found that Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has grown 29 percent over 2012, giving it the largest growth rate among Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. Further, the public cloud model is the dominant choice for cloud users, coming in with 39 percent usage among all cloud users surveyed. 

But what does this all mean? This study solidifies the need for service providers to transition to cloud and highlights the importance of cloud services for end users. It’s no secret that cloud automation can help your cloud attain peak performance, but the industry is starting to experience its importance in cloud scaling in conjunction with the other benefits it provides.

Benefits of Scaling IT with Cloud Automation

Cloud scaling through automation is important for your business because it:

  • Simplifies creation and set up of cloud computing resources
  • Facilitates otherwise complex adaptive processes
  • Supports your business’ ability to do more with fewer resources


With cloud automation, you can scale customer service for your end users by using it to aggregate customer data. Vital information that supplements customer tickets, such as IP addresses or the virtual machine’s details, can help your IT staff better respond to customer issues and reduce the time needed to resolve them. Additionally, notes from your technical staff can be stored within the ticket information to ensure more cohesive support. All of these components working together can help your business scale IT processes and increase your bottom line.

The ability to scale your IT processes with cloud automation can also help you control and manage your overall cloud environment. Cloud automation can be used as a tool to facilitate simplification of daily administrative tasks within your environment by compiling data and providing monitoring in a single location. The ability to not only scale your IT processes, but manage and monitor them within a simple interface is the key to maintaining a healthy cloud environment for your end users. Because cloud automation performs scaling functions, it can also provide your staff with real time monitoring statistics that are essential to maintenance.


Scaling your environment with cloud automation allows you to consistently provide first-class resources to your end users. Cloud automation senses when resources should be increased or decreased and takes appropriate action either way to accommodate for compute demand. This creates an environment that is always available at the highest available optimization.


Using cloud automation to scale your IT resources into a geographically separate zone allows you to monitor and manage both primary and secondary locations from a single interface. The availability of a second location allows you to create a redundant environment for failover in the event of an emergency or disaster. In simple terms, if data or resources are unavailable in one location, they migrate to the second location for use, ensuring constant availability. This is a service that is unique to cloud and gives your end users assurance that their data will always be available

As shown in the 2013 GigaOM Research, the growth of IaaS and public cloud will place importance on the ability to scale your IT resources. Using cloud automation to facilitate scaling simplifies this process for your IT staff and helps your business become more effective and efficient. Investing in a cloud automation solution that allows you to scale further gives the added benefit of monitoring and management for multiple zones and locations, an absolute necessity for running an optimized cloud environment for your end users.

photo credit: John Flinchbaugh