Appcore Develops Software-only Cloud Management Solution for Service Providers

Des Moines, Iowa – July 16, 2014

Appcore, leading Citrix CloudPlatform and Apache CloudStack solutions company, announced the launch of the latest version of their Appcore AMP software suite. In response to the market, this version features a software-only solution to deliver a wide range of functionality for service providers with existing custom cloud environments. Appcore’s software-only solution enables service providers the freedom and flexibility to offer public and private cloud services to their enterprise customers without further infrastructure investment. 

Jeff Tegethoff, CEO, Appcore said, “Our 100% focus and commitment to service providers gives Appcore a unique competitive advantage – we continue to transform our product offering, features and customer support to be the most relevant cloud management tool in the marketplace.”

The latest release of Appcore’s cloud software suite features several key enhancements for service providers including:

  • Monitoring plugin within Citrix CloudPlatform and Apache CloudStack orchestration for increased visibility into cloud infrastructure
  • Revised and enhanced API to simplify the integration process for increased extensibility with existing systems and third-party vendors
  • New level of integration with WHMCS that enhances granular metering and billing for complex customer models, while providing a simpler and more robust offering
  • Multiple hypervisor support for KVM, Xen, VMware and HyperV, all managed through a single admin interface
  • Continued integration with existing Citrix products to create synergy within their product portfolio allowing service providers to differentiate their offerings

Appcore AMP cloud software helps service provider administrators simplify cloud management to providing visibility and real-time awareness. By installing the latest software version, service providers can do more with their existing infrastructure, while reducing the cost and risk associated with delivering cloud services.

About Appcore

Appcore is a leading Citrix CloudPlatform and Apache CloudStack solutions company focused on simplifying the complexity of cloud management. Our solutions include software, consulting and support to deliver enterprise-grade clouds tailored to your custom specification.