Appcore expands Hong Kong cloud zones

Des Moines, IA – March 19, 2013

Appcore, provider of the industry’s only complete automated cloud computing platform, announced their newest high availability zone location in Hong Kong today. The addition of the zone to the Appcore cloud network will contribute to their vision of a cloud federation for their customers. Appcore wholesale customers will now have two availability zones to choose from in Hong Kong; one in Central District and one in Kowloon. The two availability zone were driven from customer demand for low latency disaster recovery sites for financial and transaction hosting.

Managed availability zones streamline operations, ease overall cloud management, and increase availability.

By creating an additional zone, Appcore will be able to speed the delivery of static, streaming and dynamic content to end users in the Asia-Pacific market.

“We are excited about our new expansion,” said Brenda Fonseca, Appcore Chief Operating Officer “Many of our customers have been looking for both a disaster recovery solution and hosting site that is close to home from a reputable company. Appcore provides just this for our customers and will continue to provide quality services as we expand in this market.”

In a release earlier this year, Appcore announced its expansion into the Asia-Pacific market as it opened offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. This new zone, much like its United States zone, will act as a disaster recovery and hosting site for customers in their new market, according to Appcore officials.

Using multiple availability zones is a good strategy for high availability. Customers may use availability zones, along with other measures, to engineer the degree of high availability that they desire and provide a superior disaster recovery and hosting site wherever their customers are located with reduced latency, local proximity to the customer and local governance of data sovereignty.

“The availability of this zone will further reduce time during the disaster recovery process for our customers in the region, making it one of the most effective recovery solutions in the industry,” said Brian Donaghy, Founder and CEO of Appcore.

After receiving several customer requests from the Asia-Pacific market, Appcore was pulled into the market to meet business demands. This newest zone will be high availability infrastructure, meaning that no single component outage can cause the entire zone to go out of commission, ensuring it is always available for users.

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