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Why You Should Use a CloudStack Consultant to Implement Your Cloud Solution?

Last week in our blog post, Fundamentals of Building a Successful Cloud, we discussed the deliverables you should consider when implementing a cloud solution. In today’s blog post we have outlined the phases that Appcore walks through in order to implement the perfect cloud solution for our service provider clients. 

Phase I: Assessment

Once you have determined your cloud deliverables and identified the products and services you plan to add to your product portfolio, developing your architecture is next. As a service provider you may have the staff to assess, design and deploy a cloud on your own. For those who are looking for an expert to guide them through the experience, Appcore is your partner in building the perfect cloud solution.

Scoping Questionnaire: As part of the assessment phase, the first step for any new service provider partnering with Appcore is to review a scoping questionnaire, which is completed during the sales cycle. This allows Appcore to understand your strategy, infrastructure and planned workloads. This documents includes:

  • Will you offer cloud through a self-service or managed service model?
  • Do you want to provide dedicated infrastructure or private cloud?
  • What products do you currently offer?
  • Do you plan to deploy your cloud in multiple data centers?
  • List the types of applications you plan to offer
  • Provide the number of virtual machines you plan to deploy in your environment

Phase II: Design

Technical Requirements Document: The next step is to complete the technical requirements document. This provides us with the specifications about your current infrastructure and the contact details for your staff working on the project. Some of the specifications include:

  • Contact information for critical parties
  • Domain Names
  • Networking Configuration
  • Hypervisor details
  • Storage resources
  • Metering and billing options

Phase III: Implementation

Implementation: We use the technical requirements document to deploy your CloudStack orchestration layer on your specific infrastructure. We then add in the additional features necessary to match your strategy, which may include billing, monitoring and the Appcore software suite.

After the implementation of each component, the Appcore team performs test and validation of the core features. The goal of this step is to ensure stability and performance within the environment so you can provide an exceptional end user experience. We work with your team throughout the entire process to ensure their understanding of the cloud environment.

Training: After the implementation and validation stage, we provide our service provider customers detailed training on each component. Our expert trainers guide you through the system from the end user perspective and the administrative perspective. Our interactive training sessions allow your team to walk through the process step-by-step, with the flexibility to ask questions at any time.

Access Packet: After the completion of training, Appcore provides your team with all the necessary information to manage and support your cloud environment. We provide you with a detailed enterprise-grade service level agreement and a detailed diagram of your cloud environment. We also include documentation for the Appcore software suite and links to resources documenting other components of your cloud such as CloudStack, WHMCS, Zenoss etc. In order for you have complete control of your environment, Appcore provides a detailed credentials document.

Support: Now that the Appcore team has designed and implemented your cloud environment, it is time for you to take control. That doesn’t mean that our partnership is over, instead Appcore becomes your support team. We are dedicated to helping you maintain your cloud environment to maximize your resources efficiently. In the event of an issue, our support team is available to consult on how to stabilize your system and offer guidance to ensure long term stability. Our goal is to collaborate with your team to efficiently resolve issues encountered and provide understanding to avoid further interruptions.

As you can see we developed a methodology that allows us to implement a cloud solution based around your unique needs. Our years of experience deploying service provider clouds has allowed Appcore to refine its process so that we can reduce the complexity of managing clouds while helping our customer build successful ones. If you don’t have the staff to implement a solution, partnering with a consultant is the best way to get your cloud up and running efficiently. Interested in implementing public or private cloud? See a demo from one of our consultants today. 

 photo credit: D-Gernz via photopin cc