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vCloud Director vs. Appcore AMP

The success of the VMware ESXi hypervisor has made vCloud Director a logical choice for service providers entering the cloud market. In fact, many current cloud providers offer a vCloud based offering. As a cloud partner for service providers, Appcore is often asked about the comparison between our AMP portfolio and the offering from VMware. While most vCloud Director powered providers also offer an alternative solution, new providers entering the market don’t always have the luxury of investing in multiple solutions. 

VMWare Service Provider Outlook

Enterprise Focused

VMware says that they are 100% committed to the service provider market as they power more than 250 public clouds. But if you take a hard look at the recent shuffle of VMware products, you can get a clear idea of where they plan to invest next. VMware is splitting the functionality of vCloud Director into two iterations; vCenter and vCloud Automation Center. Digging deeper into the roadmap, we can see that features such as automation, self service provisioning and VM lifecycle management are planned for vCloud Automation Center. Enterprise customers will benefit from the rollout of this functionality, while the outlook for service providers remains unclear.

Meanwhile, VMware says that vCloud Director will still be available to service providers with a current license but don’t expect any roadmap updates as they end of life the product. As a result of this analysis, we can deduce that the enterprise is the sole beneficiary of new updates on the roadmap while service providers are left with another transition without the incentive of new features.

A Confused Strategy

The recent changes of VMware’s product strategy may have you feeling dazed and confused. And you might be asking yourself if vCloud Director is still the right solution? Going forward the only way to purchase vCloud Director is to do so as part of the vCloud Suite 5.5. Someone who is currently utilizing vCloud Director will now have to migrate to vCloud Automation Center, which is also part of the vCloud Suite.

If you have dealt with VMWare before, you know that migration isn’t something that has gone well in the past. Just look at the transition from Lab Manager to vCloud Director. Are you willing to trust that they will get it right this time? Even Mike Adams, a VMware spokesperson, admitted in a TechTarget article that in the past VMware hasn’t done a great job on migration stories, and this one is one they need to get right.

As a service provider, you have spent a lot of money, not only on vCloud Director itself, but in professional services to get it up and running. In addition, you have support staff and an established customer base that have become familiar with a set of tools and functionality that will now change.

Creating Competition

While VMware’s focus is on enterprise customers with vCloud Automation Center, it leaves you as the service provider wondering where you fit in. To complicate matters further, VMware’s own vCloud Hybrid Service competes with you as the service provider. So as they continue to profit from software sales to other service providers and enterprises directly; they also profit from your customers with a competing product.

Service Provider Alternative

Appcore AMP

As a service provider, you have the option to evaluate alternative cloud solutions. Unlike VMware, Appcore’s sole focus and priority is the service provider. Appcore AMP was developed with the features, flexibility and fortitude to enable and scale your service provider cloud.

While VMware’s approach is to provide cloud software to both the service provider and the enterprise, Appcore takes a much different approach and doesn’t compete with our service provider customers. We view our relationship as a cloud partner instead of a technology partner. We understand the importance of working with service providers to create a customized solution; whether you are looking to utilize existing infrastructure or building your cloud from the ground up. We believe that in a true partnership everyone succeeds in building the business of cloud.


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